Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence

Systematic Sales Management

Homburg, Christian, Schäfer, Heiko, Schneider, Janna

2012, XX, 312 p. 112 illus.

ISBN 978-3-642-29168-5

The authors succeeded in providing a scientific book that has many practical references – and this combination is, unfortunately, very rare. The given checklists to evaluate the status quo helped me a lot to approach and finally to address problems I was facing. The key topics of this book are the Sales strategy and Sales management as well as the information and customer relationship management. Additionally, many other facets give a broad perspective on Sales. It contributes to systematize your work due to its structured guidelines how to deal with a certain opportunity or challenge. What I liked most was that it was so practical-related; there are many Best-Practice examples that help to understand the issue as well as to enhance the ability to behave in the appropriate manner. The graphics contribute to the understanding of what is explained in detail in the texts. With its four parts, this book covers all the topics that are relevant for the daily tasks of a Sales Manager. It is more relevant than ever before – not only for experienced managers but also for managers who are still looking for their appropriate style. Big compliment to that well-done book.

Sales Excellence is a must read for sales managers from the top down to the first line. The book does a great job of segmenting the important aspects of the things you can control as a manager. It guides the readers how to develop a deliberate sales strategy including how and which customers to address, how to designing the company’s sales channels and pricing policy. Further it discusses in detail how to organize and manage a sales department internally.
Most importantly Sales Excellence also deals with THE major challenges for Sales Managers: Setting up a useful information system and deriving customer strategies from the data. And it does a great job.
Mr. Homburg is one of the leading researchers in Sales. With Sales Excellence he wrote his masterpiece for practice.

  • Provides a structured and insightful way for managers of all levels to rethink their sales organizations in a way that should generate stronger customer relationships, a more energized sales force, and superior company performance
  • Presents an approach that has been successfully applied in companies across various sectors
  • Covers all essential facets of professional sales management
  • Offers checklists for all aspects of sales management is based on a sound academic foundation
This book presents a very novel and strategic approach to Sales Management, an area that has suffered from a lack of sophistication in practice. This content-rich and thought-provoking book has a very unique positioning: It considers the sales performance of an organization at a very high, strategic level and offers specific guidance in managing not just a few direct reports but an entire organization’s sales function. The book includes many useful tools and guidelines and is enhanced with numerous examples,  that help bring the concepts to life and make them very approachable for the trade market. A checklist-based scoring system that is utilized throughout the book allows readers to specifically evaluate their own company as well as to track its progress as concepts are applied over time. This work is an essential resource and thought-provoking read for ambitious Sales Managers, including CEO-level executives.

Content Level » Professional/practitioner

Keywords » Customer Relationship Management – Personal Selling – Sales – Sales Force Management – Sales Management

Related subjects » Business & Management for ProfessionalsMarketing

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Homburg is Director of the Institute for Market-oriented Management at the University of Mannheim. He is also Chair of the Advisory Board of Professor Homburg & Partner, an internationally operating management consulting firm. Professor Homburg is the author of numerous publications and a regular speaker at various conferences.

Dr. Heiko Schäfer was a research assistant at Professor Homburg’s chair and a freelance corporate consultant. After having worked  for several years as a corporate consultant at a renowned American consulting firm, he is now head of the strategy-global operations department at adidas.

Dr. Janna Schneider was a research assistant at Professor Homburg’s chair. Today, she is head of the marketing and international sales department at AHS Prüfungstechnik, an international mechanical engineering company.

A systematic approach to sales is an essential component for the success of a company. The “Sales Excellence-Approach” is extensive, without being complicated, and pleasantly practically oriented.

Uwe Raschke

Member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH

“Only those who manage their sales systematically will have long term success. This is especially true for retail banking. The Sales Excellence concept is a scientific approach that is oriented practically.”

Rainer Neske

Member of the Management Board and Head of Private and Business Clients, Deutsche Bank AG

Sales, too, must contribute to increase the company value. The productivity of using resources within sales becomes more and more important. Sales Excellence represents an outstanding help in making sales management more systematic.

Achim Berg

Chairman of the Management, Microsoft AG Germany and Area Vice President International


Control and managing sales without destroying necessary intuition or improvisation represents a great challenge. However, this can be achieved with the help of the approach presented here.

Hans W. Reiners

President of the Division Styrol-Synthetics BASF AG