Book Review: Social Media Management: Technologies and Strategies for Creating Business Value

Social Media Management

Technologies and Strategies for Creating Business Value

Authors: Van Looy, Amy

This undergraduate textbook adopts the perspective of organizations – not individuals – and clarifies the impact of social media on their different departments or disciplines, while also exploring how organizations use social media to create business value. To do so, the book pursues a uniquely multi-disciplinary approach, embracing IT, marketing, HR and many other fields. Readers will benefit from a comprehensive selection of current topics, including: tools, tactics and strategies for social media, internal and external communication, viral marketing campaigns, social CRM, employer branding, e-recruiting, search engine optimization, social mining, sentiment analysis, crowdfunding, and legal and ethical issues.

Prof. Dr. Amy Van Looy holds a Ph.D. in applied economics. She is assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the School for Social Profit and Public Management of Ghent University (Belgium). Particularly, she is member of the Department of Business Informatics & Operations Management. She teaches, among others, courses on business process management and social media. Before entering academia, Amy worked as an IT consultant for large e-government projects.


Short Review: This book as is said above is an undergraduate textbook. But I must say that I have reviewed and read other undergraduate textbooks but this one in particular it is really well-written and it is really on the right level. There are severa undergraduate textbook out there that are just incomprehensible but this book under review is easy to read and easy to follow and for me that is one of the strongest points of this book.

The main aim of the book is to discuss the impact of social media on organisations and how social media can be used to create and improve business value of companies and their departments.

The book is divided in 12 chapters which covers several aspects of social media and management. Some chapters include: Definitions, Social Media Types and Tools; Online Advertising and Viral Campaigns; e-Recruitment; Crowdfunding and many others.

I want to say that particularly I really enjoyed the second chapter: Definitions, Social Media Types and Tools. That is because the chapter is beautifully written and on this chapter the author establishes the main definitions and several types of media types some of them which I hadn’t heard of. Also the author discuss in this chapter some very interesting tools that are useful when dealing with social media and the management of social media.

In short, I want to say that this is a very modern and unique book and it is essential if you work with marketing, social media and corporate management. It will be a good addition to your personal library and for your reading. Enjoy!


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