The ‘Made in Germany’ Champion Brands



Today I will review another great title on the subject of Brands : The “Made in Germany” Champion Brands written by Ugesh A. Joseph and published by Gower.


In this book the author provides an extensive research of over 200 of Germany’s best known brands explaining what they stand for and what has made them what they are today. More importantly Joseph highlights what can we learn (and imitate) and what is transferable from these brands.

The author divided the Brands in two categories Supertars and StarBrands :

Superstars, global brands that have been hugely successful in the global market. This section features brands such as:

Mercedes-Benz, SAP, BMW, Adidas, Siemens, Volkswagen, Audi, Allianz, Porshe, Nivea, Puma.

Star Brands features 45 of the best large and medium-sized enterprises from the German industrial landscape.This section features brands such as:

RWE, Metro group. Hugo Boss, Continental, Henkel among others.

The book is about Germany’s economic miracle, a widely-known phenomenon, and the world-leading, innovative products and services associated with German companies are something that others seek to imitate. The way Germany is branded as a nation carries across into the branding of its companies and services, particularly the global superstar brands – truly world-class in size, performance and reputation. Just as important are the medium-sized and small enterprises, known as the ‘Mittelstand’. These innovative and successful enterprises from a wide range of industries and product / service categories are amongst the World market leaders in their own niche and play a huge part in making Germany what it is today. The book also focuses on German industrial entrepreneurship and a selection of innovative and emergent stars.All these companies are supported and encouraged by a sophisticated infrastructure of facilitators, influencers and enhancers – the research, industry, trade and standards organizations, the fairs and exhibitions and all the social and cultural factors that influence, enhance and add positive value to the country’s image.

Book Contents: 

Branding and the ‘Made in Germany’ brand: a perspective

From rubble to an economic miracle to a world export leader

The superstars

The star brands

The facilitators and influencers

The less-known champions

Some innovative and emergent stars

Hermann Simon, Chairman, Simon-Kucher & Partners said on the foreword:

‘The effort the author makes to unravel the apparent mystique of Germany’s success to a global audience is truly commendable. From a multi-dimensional, extensively researched perspective, Ugesh Joseph insightfully gives the reader a sense of the nation and its complex character – from its immediate past to its present-day “champion brands” and the nations “facilitators and influencers”.

I found this book fascinating and it gave me tremendous insights about the secret of German brands!


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