Key Performance Indicators


Today I will review the book Key Performance Indicators by Bernard Marr, published by Pearson.


This book is amazing! It contains 75 measures that EVERY manager needs to know. These 75 KPIs are divided in 6 parts:

Financial Perspective
Customer Perspective
Marketing and Sales Perspective
Operational processes and supply chain Perspective
Employee Perspective
Corporate social responsibility Perspective

In each of these parts Marr gives us the essential metrics according to the business perspective, for example: On part 3- Marketing and sales has KPIs such as Market growth rate and Customer online engagement level, just to name a few. For each KPI described in the book the author uses the same framework outlining:

Why is this indicator important?
How do I measure it?
Cost/effort in collecting the data
Tips and warnings

   Effective managers and decision makers understand the performance of all key dimensions of their business by distilling them down into the critical KPIs. Not understanding key metrics can often cause anxiety and can hold people back. This book will demystify and explain in simple terms the most important KPIs in use today. It will equip you with the skills to understand, measure and interpret the most important aspects of any business.
                      Bernard Marr

I found this book very usefull, because these business perspectives used are shared across most organizations irrespective from the type of industry and sector. You can use this book in two ways:

1) As a reference guide, because it allows you to look for the KPIs you want to learn about.

2) To complete your performance management framework, business dashboard, banlanced scorecard or business intelligence strategy.

If you are interested in this book click here to download a free chapter.



2 comments on “Key Performance Indicators

  1. Beautiful review ,interesting aspects of businesses .Thank you for liking the poem.”l wish you know”.Best wishes.jalal

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