Leadership Plain and Simple



Today I will review  this great book I just read from Steve Radcliffe, Leadership Plain and Simple, from Pearson FT Publishing.


What I liked most about this book is that the author delivered what’s promissed on the title; it’s very simple!  No magic formulas or theories. Steve Radcliffe’s approach is FED which stands for Future – Engage –  Deliver. The book has 170 pages it’s a very easy read, clear language and  with “real world” examples (not just superstar CEOs) that anyone can relate to of how we can develop our leadership in various levels on a daily basis regardless of your title or job position.

It’s so clear and simple that as soon as you read you know how you will apply on the next day. The author does a series of questions that helps you figure where you have to improve and how. He also describe differen scenarios and situations so you can think in contingency plans.

In the 9 chapters of the book you start with an overview of the Future – Engage – Deliver approach, than it has one chapter dedicated for each part:

Future ( What do you care about?/ What do you want to lead for?)

Engage (How you impact and connect others )

Deliver ( Deliver through others and deliver more now and later)

There are also chapters about the four Energies (Emotional, Spirit, Intellectual and Physical), and how to apply the Future – Engage – Deliver approach on your teams and organization.

Another great feature is the website containing extra material and templates for some excercises suggested by the author.


Click here for a free excerpt from the book.

Below is one of my favourite quotes from the book:

“This Leadership stuff really needn’t be complicated. I believe that leading is a natural, human activity that is a part of all of us. You don’t need a certain IQ or a job title to be a leader!”

“Powerful and effective leaders are guided by the Future they want. And more than this, the leader is strongest when that Future is powerfully connected to that he or she cares about.”

I definitely recommend this book and suggest you to have it on your desk, office or anywhere nearby that you can consult and even see your progress.
Let me know if you read the book, what is your opinion about it or if you have any recommendations.


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