Management in 10 Words

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to review this GREAT book I just read, Management in 10 Words by Terry Leahy from Crown Business Publisher.


Terry Leahy is the former CEO of TESCO, one of the largest retailers on the world. He got his first job at TESCO stocking shelves and became his company most dynamic leader (quadrupling the firm’s profit). The book is not about Terry Leahy’s carrer, although he talks about that along the way, the main message is about practical advices from the man who created one of the world’s largest retailers. The reason I loved this book is that it relates a lot to my work and passions. If you work with management,retail, sales, customer services or production this book is for you. I got some great practical advice, most of them may seem simple and obvious, but nonetheless true.

Management in 10 Word is divides in 10 chapters, one for each word:


“Organisations are terrible at confronting the truth. It is so much easier to define your version of reality, and judge success and failure according to that. Buy my experience is that truth is crucial both to create and sustain success.”


“Winning and retaining loyalty is the best objective any business- indeed, any organisation- can have. The search for loyalty has,at its heart, an age-old idea: you reward the behavior you seek from others.”


“Good strategies need to be bold and daring. People need to be stretched as they can do mores than they think. Goals have to cause excitement, and perhaps just a little fear. Above all, they need to inspire, and present an organisation with a choice: have these great ambitions, or remain as you are.”


“Strong values underpin successful businesses. They give managers a sheet anchor, something that holds their position and keeps them from being smashed against the rocks when caught in a storm. Values govern how a business behaves, what it sees as important, what it does when faced with a problem.”


“Intuition is never enough. Plans mean nothing if they are not effectively enacted.”


“A balanced organisation is one which everyone moves forward together, steered in the right direction, without being overrun by the juggernaut of bureaucracy.”


“Change in any fast-moving, fast-growing company is not quite easy. My solution is quite simple: to make things simple. Simplicity is the knife that cuts through the tangled spaghetti of life’s problems.”


“Sustainable consumption depends on desiring goods and services that fewer natural resources. By thinking lean, we can go green – and do more, for less.”


“Competitors – and the act of competition itself – are great teachers. Don’t wait for your competitors to come over the horizon. Seek them out.”


“Trust is the bedrock of leadership. When people trust you, they feel that their interests are safe in your hands, and they have confidence in your vision, ability, judgement, drive and determination to see things through.”


3 comments on “Management in 10 Words

  1. Rhaneef says:

    You have some great titles here. Very good category of books. I would like to offer my new book which is in this same category of personal and professional development to you for review if you can squeeze it in. Thanks.

    • Hi Rhaneef,
      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you liked the blog!
      If you want to send me your book I will be more than happy to read and review it.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Summer says:

    Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

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