The Art of Mastering Sales Management

Hi Everyone,

I just finished reading this great book, The Art of Mastering Sales Management from Thomas A.Cook published by CRC Press.

This book provides proven practices and principles of good salesmanship that made Thomas Cook a very successful business man. I would highly recommend  to  managers and executives who want to elevate the performance of their team and also for newly promoted managers there is a section designed to help you on this transition.


The book provides  highly relatable core lessons supported by case studies gathered during the author’s 35 years of experience in business. According to Thomas Cook, skills set, information flow, action plans, quality communications, and lead generation are all tools necessary to move mediocre sales management into great sales management.

There is no secret formula, but there are things we need to know and things we need to act on, all of which lie in this book’s 11 chapters and a vast appendix  containing:

Recommended books in Foreign Cultures,

Recommended Banks Managing Currency Risks, Schools and Programs in Sales Managing Training

Global Risk Management

Information and Technology in Sales Management

“Making Someone Sale” article

Sales Management Seminar: Newly Appointed Sales Manager Workshop Agenda

Negotiation: Best Practices Outline

Closing Questions

Presentation for First Time Sales Managers

Sales Management Case Studies Workshop

What International Salesmen and Travelers Need to Know about U.S Customs (CBP)

Here I will put some some quotes extracted from the book:

“Your job as sales manager is to make the relationships work, irrespective of personalities, positions, or attitudes. Yours is to lower walls, eliminate barriers, and close gaps. You become a bridge between sales and all the other concerns that make a company work”.

            “The sales manager who proactively identify the risks and work with management to mitigate the risks will place themselves and the company in a most favored position in their global outreach”.

If you are interested in reading this book CRC Press is offering 20% discount to Inspire and Action readers! Simply enter the promo code 815DP on the checkout, here is the link:


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  1. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Superb post.Very informative.Warm wishes.jalal

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