AMA Business Boot Camp

Hi Everyone,

I just finished reading this great book: AMA Business Boot Camp edited by Edward T. Reilly and I wanted to recommend to everyone in management and leadership positions.


This book is like a “crash course” in management and leadership. It’s a great book if you just got promoted to a Management position or even if you are in a Senior Management position as well. It is written in an accessible way making it very enjoyable to read.

AMA Business Boot Camp is organized to follow the progression of a manager’s career, focusing on developing the collective skills of successful managers and the defining qualities of outstanding leaders. I think it’s very interesting to find all this in one book.

The AMA Business Boot Camp has 6 chapters and it’s divided in two sections:

Section I: Essential Management Skills

This section will help you define your new role, create a productive environment, and uncover how best to communicate within your organization. Discover the sources of employee motivation and how to delegate and coach others to superior performance. It will also help you keep up with the pace and demands of managing projects.

Chapter 1 – Basic Management

Chapter 2 -Performance Management

Chapter 3 -Managing Staff Changes

Chapter 4 -Project Management

Section II: Senior Management Skills

Moving from management to leadership requires a shift in your skills; most organizations need a strategy and long term vision on what needs to be done.Think strategically and act tactically. It will also help you on the transition into thinking like a leader.

Chapter 5 -Strategic Thinking

Chapter 6 -Leadership

On the Leadership chapter it starts with a Leadership Self-Assessment then on the course of the chapter you will have other self-assessments and exercises which I found very useful!

It also contains 3 Appendix with Self-Assessment on Comfort Level with Delegation, Coaching Planning Worksheet and a Project Management Planning Template.

I would also recommend you to take a look on the AMA website  where you can find a lot of useful information, seminars, articles and news from the business world.


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