The Personal MBA


This week I Just finished reading this great book called The Personal MBA written by Josh Kaufman, where the author explores the pros and cons of investing in an MBA course since even elite schools like Wharton and Harvard offer outdated programs that teach more about Power Point Presentations and unnecessary financial models than about what it takes to run a real business. The first part of the book is all dedicated to this discussion. I thought it was very interesting and an eye opener, since I was thinking in enrolling in an MBA program when I finish my course.


The Personal MBA – Published by Portfolio Penguin

The book has 11 sections (or chapters if you like): Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, Finance, The Human Mind, Working with Yourself, Working with Others, Understanding Systems, Analyzing Systems and Improving Systems. Each section has 18 to 32 subsections.

I really enjoyed reading this book, the author concentrates in explaining in a concise way what is really important, sharing his knowledge with the reader. It contains the fundamentals, and this knowledge is essential whether you are in sales, marketing or you are starting your own business. I learned so much in a week, my book is all highlighted on the parts I thought it was most important. It’s a great book to keep close and review every now and then.

Another great feature is the appendixes: Appendix A: How to Continue your Business Studies, where the author recommends great books for you to continue improving your knowledge. The books recommended are divided by subject which make it easier when you are looking for your next read. Appendix B: contains Forty-Nine Questions to Improve Your Results. These questions are great to help you figure it out what you want and what you need to improve in your life both personal and professionally.

If you are interested in this subject visit the website The Personal MBA


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