Fake it until you make it

Every achievement started with a belief that I can. Believe you can before you do, and you’re halfway there.” Rolsey


Today we will talk more about our journey towards our goals, and share a little bit of my story.

I was working on a retail chain store and I was on the line to be promoted for a while, but although I was working really hard, did more than I was asked for and had the competence to be promoted, it wasn’t happening. It was like I was invisible. So I decided I had enough, either I got noticed and promoted or I was moving elsewhere.

I started to read lots of books to improve myself; I kept stumbling on the same message in most of the books “you have believe before you do” or putting into a more popular way “Fake it until you make it”. I decided to put it in action, and it actually worked!

I changed the way I saw myself, from “victim” to “winner”. I set a goal to move up on my career and took action. I started a college course in Management, I read everything I could put my hands on about the subject and how to improve, and I started to build my confidence. Another thing I did was to record my performance. I learned that: What gets measured, get’s done. I started to record and compare my performance and figures with other branches and also against myself. I was my own competitor and I started to constantly grow in sales and performance. I gathered evidence of my work and I took it to my area manager because there was a vacancy for assistant manager on the biggest store in the region and I wanted to apply. One month after, I did my interview with a presentation in front of the board of the company and I got the job. It wasn’t fast or easy. I kept working as hard and it took nearly one year in this process, but I knew what I wanted and all I could see was my goal. What really changed was the way I saw myself, I started thinking and therefore acting as a manager, until I became one.

The message I want to share is: Get inspired and take actions towards your goals. If I kept working hard, but took no action I would never had made the opportunity to get promoted.

If you are seeking to get promoted on your work place, improve your presentations skills or boost your low self-esteem it is a really good technique. If you are interested on the subject and want to learn more on the Harvard Business School website there is an article about the it with some psychological research http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/6461.html

I would love to hear your story to and be inspired.


2 comments on “Fake it until you make it

  1. Rotimi says:

    When i was a schools certificate holder,i have the boldness to address my employer in terms which i felt wasn’t good and most times my view is respected,though i could have been sacked but none argue with me,but now have obtained my first degree in the same field and am married,now i found out that i lost the boldness of confronting my employer,instead i fear been sacked.Pls.what can i do

    • Hello Rotimi,
      Thank you for sharing your story with us.
      It seams to be that what you refer as “boldness” can also represent your self confidence, maybe after you got your degree and improved your knowledge you started to see things in a different way and pondering the consequences of your actions.As for your fear of being sacked especially after you got married, it’s probably because you think of your responsibilities to provide for your family.
      I don’t know in details your situation, but let me share some things that might help. If you need to confront your employer, try following these steps:
      1-Arrange to meet him privately
      2- If the person is demonstrating an inappropriate behavior, try to find out what effect the person intended and tell the behavior perceived. If necessary, negotiate
      3-use a positive approach, address the behavior or actions, don’t attack the person.
      4-explain the situation using “I” statements rather than “you” statements

      I hope these tips can be helpful for your situation.
      Best Wishes,

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