Writing SMART Goals

Hello Friends!

Today I will talk about how to set SMART Goals.

SMART is an acronym for the 5 steps for setting goals and objectives:

Specific – To help you be more specific always make questions to identify who, what, where, when, which, why .

Measurable – To determine if your goal is measurable, ask questions such as How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?

Achievable – Your goals must be challenging yet achievable. Think about what you need to do, if you have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to achieve the objective. You can also see Action Oriented in some SMART acronyms, it is a good idea to say what you are going to do in order to achieve your goal.

Relevant- A goal that supports or is in alignment with other goals would be considered a relevant goal. A relevant goal can answer yes to these questions: Does this seem worthwhile? / Is this the right time? / Does this match our other efforts/needs?

Your goal should also be Realistic, something that you are able and willing to work on or if you truly believe that it can be accomplished.

Time-Bound –  A goal must have a target date. A deadline too far in the future is too easily put off. A goal that’s set too close is not only unrealistic, it’s discouraging.

If you want to know more about setting goals I recommend the book Goals! from Brian Tracy. On this book Brian Tracy guide you through the entire process since clarifying what you want, to helping you measure your progress, create an action plan, manage yourself and set your priorities in order to achieve your goals in a more effective and efficient way.

Good luck on setting your SMART goals, and I hope you achieve them soon!


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